Pointless Circuits

Programming, Electronics and Breaking Things


Aug 28, 2014 - 1 minute read -

The Pointless-Circuits blog is the creation of two electronics-/computer-enthusiasts, Tim and Jonas. We’re both currently studying electrical engineering. While that’s certainly very interesting, the true motivation to do the things we write about is an innate fancy for popping capacitors, resistors vanishing into sparks and the famous magic smoke.

We also make stuff, sometimes. When we do, our work is always very professional, the results of the highest quality. That’s because we’re German, and Germans work professionally and produce high quality results. Joking aside, we’re just screwing around. But we’re German, no less!

If you find yourself in doubt whether something we mention is particularly wise, chances are your doubt is justified. We do this stuff for fun, and don’t aspire to become an encyclopedic reference. You might even find sarcasm on some occasions, so be warned. Nonetheless we’re very happy if you leave a comment or drop us a line when finding especially glaring errors.

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