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Oct 1, 2014 - Comments - Electronics NATOblaster

Natoblaster Part 1 - What the hell is that thing

Some time ago, me and a friend of mine (no, not Jonas, I got more than one) decided to build a very rugged outdoor music player. Unfortunately, we never got to do it right, so we didn’t even try. Germans, right?. As we found a nice song of the small german band “Rotfront” named “Sovietoblaster”, we decided to build ourselves one of those machines.

After a long search for a “soviet” case, we finally stumbled at our local Surplus Store over an old ammunition box of the German Bundeswehr, being the best size and look for our project possible.

The ammo crate

The ammo crate

Alas, using a German ammo crate for a “Sovietoblaster” seems inappropriate, so we deserted and switched sites to build the NATOblaster. As we are not fooling around - we want to create something really solid, sturdy and authentic looking - this will turn into a big project with multiple posts. At the moment, our build schedule is as follows:

  1. Get a flat piece of wood in the Box, for adding a control surface and hiding the electronics underneath. (Woodworking, yay!!) As a power-switch i already got one of those Missile-Switches from a Bundeswehr jet-fighter, probably Tornado or good ol’ Phantom. (Can’t be Starfighter, looks too good to have crashed)

  2. Provide lighting with strategically placed LEDs, maybe red, for the “Submarine-Feeling”. All men at battle stations!

  3. Get some audio amplifier(Car-Hifi) and speakers working from standard AUX-in. Everything will run on 12V internally.

  4. Get the whole stuff to work with a Bluetooth-Audio-Receiver as another audio source.

  5. Add a small screen in the upper lid, complete with a Raspberry Pi or similar and a simple audio software (Programming, erm, yay…) that reads audio files from USB-Sticks and can be controlled by old analog inputs.

  6. Party with the NATOblaster and a big fuckin’ Barbecue! (Screw you, Hippes and Vegetarians, I eat dead animal while listening to Metal on a military device!!! \m/)

Even though we want to do part 5 first, that wont be happening. German work ethics. So, let’s be about it!