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Sep 6, 2014 - Comments - about webdev

Pointless circuits' new face

TL;DR Never try to make existing things better and expect to have success in a short time.

If you’ve previously been here you might notice some pretty big changes: Pointless circuits has a pretty website! As we mentioned in our first post, we took the challenge of blogging on a 128 MB VPS. And we even succeeded by writing our own, static blogging system. Some time later, after loosing the foolish enthusiasm of youth, we had to admit to ourselves that the blog was pretty ugly. We also noticed that our comment system was not very resistant to spam. Like… not at all.

Luckily, we stumbled upon jekyll and octopress. The latter one is made exactly for our situation: It is a static, locally generated and very low resource blogging system. Setting it up was easy, and put all of our previous efforts to shame. Right now we have a blog that makes us happy, after investing a tiny fraction of the time and energy consumed by our first attempt.

Of course, octopress is not perfectly tailored to our needs, and our own project (the “aweserver”) did have some advantages. For example, octopress uses google search for it’s search functionality. While this is consequently static, the aweserver was dynamic in that regard and provided native searching. That’s a flaw we can live with, though.

In case you’re wondering what became of the aweserver: We might actually release it’s code some day, reading it might provide some fun and give anyone with a webdev background plenty of good laughs.