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Natoblaster Part 2 - Lighting and Additional Woodwork

After having explained what the NATOblaster is in the last post, we decided to start working on it right away. The first scope was the plating on the box, which will later hold all the controls and the speakers itself. Fortunately, I spent some time at home, where I had access to “real” tools! (Fingers be warned, circular saw carnage incoming!)

After a more or less proper plate had been made, we fixed it with four screws at the corners and acorn nuts to protect the user from painful scratches at the forearms.

This been done, and the additional parts still being transported through the republic, the only thing left was the lighting. For this we use cheaply available RGB-Led-Strips (15€ for 5M with 12V transformer and remote control) fixed to the top casing. Fortunately, the backside of these strips already was adhesive, but we honestly don’t know if that holds on the oiled wood for very long time, so we have to look into that further in the future.

After adding a removable plug between control electronics and strip (Hey, I got some old DB9-plugs around, lets use them) it was time to fire the whole thing up for the first time. The results look fairly promising!

The NATOblaster … … and the Sovietoblaster

The next steps are a decent power supply for the 12V and 5V parts and a possibility to control the LEDs without the remote control while being able to still use it, so let’s be about it.