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Dec 7, 2014 - Comments - Linux

X11 via SSH on Windows

Short time ago, I got myself a new High-DPI Display with 2560x1440 as a replacement for one of my old 1280x1024 stamps. Runs perfectly at my Windows Workstation, but my trusty old Linux Laptop (Macbook Pro from 2008) only does Full HD. So I had to find another solution to use my Linux-based programs, as VMware has its fair share of hiccups with that Display.

As I don’t need any fancy UI features or to work directly on the Plasma Desktop, and only use this feature in my LAN, I settled with X11 via SSH. Even though it would be fairly simple doing this from Linux to Linux, as Windows has no X-based Window management, I needed to find a replacement.

And it seems as the Internet nevelang:bashr fails to produce adequate results. I found Xming which perfectly works together with my trusty old PuTTY. Simply install both on your Windows Machine.

On your Linux Machine, you just need openssh running, for everybody who hasn’t just install openssh with your package manager and start the daemon. As for Arch Linux it is simply

pacman -S openssh
systemctl enable sshd

and in your


you just need to change




and restart your sshd service.

Back on your Windows Machine, start Xming, then go to PuTTY, and under the SSH category, check “Enable X11 forwarding” and, if necessary, the compression. You may gain a bit of additional speed, depending on your Network and the two Machines you are working on.

The, simply start you ssh Session, then run the needed command from the command line, and it should appear on your Windows Desktop. default