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Mar 22, 2015 - Comments - Electronics NATOblaster

Natoblaster Part 3 - Voltage supply and LED-PWM

After a long time, a new post with an Update to the Natoblaster. After the casing is finished and the necessary Parts have arrived, it is now time to finish some of the innards of the device. For the amplifier itself, we will go for a off-the-shelf device, the voltage supply and PWM for the RGB-Leds will be homemade.

For the power supply, we had the following necessitys: - 12V(from Car) or 15-30V(from battery) input - 12V output for the amplifier and LEDs - 5V for logic(currently not used) - switchable with a “special” power switch, AKA missile switch of F-104

This simply led to a soft latching switch turning on some Relays and linear converters.

The PWM was much simpler, just a linear potentiometer, some Mosfets and NE555, no uC or fancy logic involved.

Next week, I will get the boards milled at our local FabLab, and additionally think about using the Lasercutter for the front panel and speaker mounts.

For everyone that really wants the schematic and - due to my total lack of talent - the autorouted boards, here they are, in eagle format.