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Aug 9, 2015 - Comments - Electronics Woodworking NATOblaster

Natoblaster Part 4 - Lasercut that stuff!

New update! After getting access to an industrial grade lasercutter, we decided to remodel the whole control plate and speaker arrangement. Working with a lasercutter the first time proved to be even easier than expected, simplifying our work massivly!

As the maximum working size of the cutter is 5mm MDF in the size of 600*300 mm. As 5mm wont be strong enough, we decided to just stack two plates together, additionally allowing us to design vibration-free recesses for our four speakers.

Additionally, we designed a nice handy control panel for everything, and adding engravings in fake russian to it.

Basically, we just have sliders to adjust the light color (fancy!!!!) and trimmers for bass and treble. In the center, we have AUX in, USB (currently only usable for charging your stuff), an input for 12V to run the blaster with an external power source and a charging jack for the internal battery. On the right are multiple different control lights, the On/Off switch (yeah, original part from a het fighter) and a switch to disconnect the battery for charging.

After painting the whole stuff in the same color as the ammunition box and glueing the stuff together, we carefully embedded the four speakers into siliconem to allow the to swing free without making any noise. On top, there are the high frequency speakers, while the lower one are optimized for medium to low frequency. After about 24h of drying, some hotwiring and some fiddling with the cables, we ran the sound for the first time, being pretty impressed by it.

So now everything has to be completely fixed and the lighting control has to be built in. Also, we need protection for the speakers and to waterproof the box. Everything else is basically done! Success!!