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Aug 10, 2015 - Comments - Electronics Woodworking GoT lamp

Winter Is Coming - And we need light for that!

On the continent of westeros, a pretty bored guy was once surfing his favourite waste-your-time webpage, when he suddenly found something he liked, and wanted to posess. And so he engaged in the Game Of Thrones, where you win or you die. Or in this instant, build it or fail.

Well no, not really. I found a pretty amazing GoT-Themed lamp on 9gag, and decided to make my own. And as I am pretty hyped on the lasercutter, well, lets just say I would lasercut my food if I could. Its just so easy and satisfying. After drawing the stuff in Solidworks (yeah, yeah, overkill, but I get it for my studies) and adding the “design” stuff in Inkscape, which is buggy as hell on all non-Linux platforms(Lasercutter hangs at a Mac - ugh), I just ran the files through the Lasercutter, burning through the lot of 5mm MDF (another AWESOME invention) in just about an hour, giving me this:

Okay, yeah, there is some more stuff, but you get the Idea. The important parts are there. Every tower consist of two sides with openings for the cables, the front part with the names and words of every house, a flat rear, a top with the sigil and a squre frame as the bottom.

As you probably see, I had some burn issues with some of the tiny structures, but nothing game-breaking. All towers are put on a bottom plate which holds them in place. The vertical things are gonna hold the halogen-style LED lamps, running of 12V DC.

For sure, I didnt want the scorched and raw MDF, so I colored the parts, added the colored half-tranparent paper and glued them together. And - surprise - they fit!

So now I just need to add lighting. Which proved difficult, as the local hardware store only had ONE! of the necessary bulbs. Yikes…. Well, for now, I have to make do with the partially finished product.

So as soon as I got all lamps, I will post the finished thing here. And then Winter can come, for the night is dark and full of terrors!