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Jan 19, 2016 - Comments - Electronics Woodworking GoT lamp

GoT Lamp Update

No Project is ever perfect, and when doing many things the first time in a single project, you have to fine-tune and improve multiple things. So, after admiring my stunning handiwork, I slowly started realizing many faults.

  • Painting resulted in liquid paint running into multiple small letters, looking not very nice.
  • Lasercutting small structures leads to burning.
  • People may want to remove the LED without desoldering.
  • Wallwarts are ugly, noisy, inefficent and powerjacks are poor practice.
  • Unplugging to turn off is bad practice.
  • Stupid people forget to take the innards of the letters.

So I started to address those sssues step by step. First, I painted the MDF-plates before lasering, which resulted in a much cleaner finish, but started to smoke massivly during cutting, and produced a lot of dirt on the surface. Luckily, that could be removed with wet tissue. The burning problem could be minimized by editing the SVG files, removing unnecessary paths and details to minimize cutting time.

LED and socket

As light source, I decided to use 12V 1.5W AC/DC LED replacement bulbs for G4 Halogen lamps. To hold them, I purchased standard ceramic sockets for those lamps, even though the LEDs dont get more than handwarm, so its more for comfort than safety.

Next, I designed an undercarriage to accomodate the solution for the other problems. In it, i put a 12W Transformer, intended for usage with those G4 LED replacement bulbs. Also, I added the necessary wiring with a normal On/Off switch on the cable. I fixed the internal cabling with some hot glue, preventing them from getting stuck between the turrets, which broke some of the cabling in the first version.

view from top

The final solution was probably the easiest: Cleaning the tray below the cutter from all loeftover parts before feeding it my files, so I can take the innards of the letters. So finally, version 1.42.


As usual, the svg-files can be obtained here.