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Dec 7, 2014 - Comments - Linux

X11 via SSH on Windows

Short time ago, I got myself a new High-DPI Display with 2560x1440 as a replacement for one of my old 1280x1024 stamps. Runs perfectly at my Windows Workstation, but my trusty old Linux Laptop (Macbook Pro from 2008) only does Full HD. So I had to find another solution to use my Linux-based programs, as VMware has its fair share of hiccups with that Display. As I don’t need any fancy UI features or to work directly on the Plasma Desktop, and only use this feature in my LAN, I settled with X11 via SSH.

Nov 12, 2014 - Comments - Linux igel

Small Home Server on my Igel

As the progress on my other project Natoblaster is pretty slow, I decided to make a write-up of my small home server on my “igel Thin Client”, which does some quite useful and some less useful but interesting things. First, for all you uninformed people out there, an “igel” is a simple thin client. The specs itself were pretty decent once (for a thin client) and are enough for my use case:

Oct 8, 2014 - Comments - Electronics NATOblaster Woodworking

Natoblaster Part 2 - Lighting and additional Woodwork

After having explained what the NATOblaster is in the last post, we decided to start working on it right away. The first scope was the plating on the box, which will later hold all the controls and the speakers itself. Fortunately, I spent some time at home, where I had access to “real” tools! (Fingers be warned, circular saw carnage incoming!) After a more or less proper plate had been made, we fixed it with four screws at the corners and acorn nuts to protect the user from painful scratches at the forearms.

Oct 1, 2014 - Comments - Electronics NATOblaster

Natoblaster Part 1 - What the hell is that thing

Some time ago, me and a friend of mine (no, not Jonas, I got more than one) decided to build a very rugged outdoor music player. Unfortunately, we never got to do it right, so we didn’t even try. Germans, right?. As we found a nice song of the small german band “Rotfront” named “Sovietoblaster”, we decided to build ourselves one of those machines. After a long search for a “soviet” case, we finally stumbled at our local Surplus Store over an old ammunition box of the German Bundeswehr, being the best size and look for our project possible.

Sep 6, 2014 - Comments - about webdev

Pointless circuits' new face

TL;DR Never try to make existing things better and expect to have success in a short time. If you’ve previously been here you might notice some pretty big changes: Pointless circuits has a pretty website! As we mentioned in our first post, we took the challenge of blogging on a 128 MB VPS. And we even succeeded by writing our own, static blogging system. Some time later, after loosing the foolish enthusiasm of youth, we had to admit to ourselves that the blog was pretty ugly.

May 6, 2014 - Comments - WebDev PHP About

On static blogging

TL;DR It’s hard to get far on 128MB.

In October of 2013 Tim and I Who’s that? decided we need a server. See, there’s a lot you can do with a machine running 24/7. We knew we wouldn’t be using it too heavily and didn’t want to spend much money, so we opted for a 128MB VPS. Soon it was running, using less than half the memory.